The Epicenter…

Lawtown explores the country's current opioid epidemic by focusing on the community members of Lawrence, Massachusetts, a blue collar town and gateway city at the heart of the crisis. A town that struggles to find balance between a corrupt government, the cartels, and the people who live there.

Lawtown focuses on five people affected by the opioid problem in Lawrence, and how they are working towards a positive future despite many roadblocks ahead of them.

an ANTHEM FILMS production

Directed By Justyn Moro & Patrick Flaherty

Produced By Max Rose

Produced By Justyn Moro, Patrick Flaherty, and Nicole Swedlow

Executive Producer DJay Brawner

Director of Photography Justyn Moro

Edited By Anjoum Agrama

Original Score By Mark Yaeger

Available to buy now, only on Vimeo.




We set out to make a film that explored the rising opioid problem in New England, and in doing so we discovered the root of the problem. Lawrence, MA has been a gateway to an ever growing opioid problem in the New England area, that has had no end in site. Focusing our energy on the town of Lawrence is not meant to point the finger at this beautiful community of people, but instead our hope is to empower everyone to rise up for change. To rise up to fix this problem across our entire country. To rise up and to support one another. We hope our film inspires you to help fix the problem in your town.